Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Alsek Days 1-3(Glaciers and Icebergs)

Ok everyone, internet access got a little shaky and i couldn't update this page. I will be updating this page in installments for the next week or so. be sure to keep checking for full coverage of the Alsek and the Stikine.

Packing my seemingly small creekboat for twelve days of total self-support living was not easy. Kayaking 200 miles through turbulent canyons deep within the largest icefeilds in the northern hemisphere was a daunting undertaking. I can say that is definatley the most remote, beautiful and wild place I have ever been. In short, the Alsek was an incredible trip.

Here is Daz Clarkson at the putin.

Shortly after launching the wind began to howl. These waves are not from gradient. The wind is rolling the waves upstream. Pretty slow going.

Here is Max Bechdel in camp one.

Day two was long. Our spirits were boosted as we paddled into Lowell lake our 2nd camp.

Here is our camp. As a side note. We learned later that a major calving occured on the glacier which sent all these icebergs into the lake and most likely a gigantic tsunami wave over our camping spot. I was wondering why it was so wet.

We awoke to a great day and we spent the day strolling around the lake soaking in all the sights.

Here is a final photo from the goatherd mountain vantage point. Keep in mind the glacier is about 50 Kilometers long! Somewhere on the bottom right side of the photo is our camp.


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